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Hi, Vvdd. Thanks for the feedback. Every design I'm publishing is tested by me, on my printer. However, I have tested this extruder with a different printer (the one we have in our office - pretty rough tolerances) and I'll print it with my printer to see what's going on. For the print I've made, no files were required for the M3 nut-trap. I'm usually making the mounting holes as per DIN standard (notice that the printers are in 0.2-0.3mm tolerances. For example with my printer: 3.5mm hole will be closer to 3.2mm) because I found that it's better to pre-drill them with the proper drill bits after the print. This saves me a lot of headaches during the assembly.
I've made the design 5 or 6 months ago... Still waiting for the first tests. That's the reason why it's still "Work in progress" and the reason why there is no real picture of a print here. The 3D printer for that extruder is almost ready, though...