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Hello everyone

As much as I try, i'm not able to print this without supports.
I've tried nozzle 0.25, layer width 0.3, layer height 0.1, several perimeter configurations (2, 3 and 4)
then nozzle 0,35, layer width 0,55 and height 0.19 (wich teorically should give auto support up to 30º inclination)

Infill between 10 and 15% retilinear.
I've also tried several speeds (including ultra slow of 5mm/s) to no avail.

the lower bic part and the cheeks base don't print well. (bloobs and so on... like if the top layer wasn't adhering to the under layer - overhang maybe?)
Simplify3D gave me slightly better results compared to slic3r but none of them are acceptable.

I'm using a hot chamber (70ºC) printer with heated bed (100ºC) and ABS (255ºC)

And I'm also going nuts...