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This isn't a problem with the .3w file, but it is a problem with your micro SD card.
The problem is mentioned many times by owners of the Da Vinci machines and it is al due to the cheap micro SD card XYZPrinting gives you when you buy their printer.

My advise:
Open the backpanel of your printer when you have the time for it. Right behind the backpanel you will find the motherboard of your printer. With the power- and USB cables disconnected (!!!) get the Micro SD card out of it's holder. Copy the contents of the card to your computer while you can, because a lot of people have lost these files when the card was not working anymore.

Now go and buy a real brand micro SD card of 8GB (bigger is not recommended), I use Sandisk in one machine and Lexar in the other, and copy the saved content back to this card. Put the card in the printer and close the backpanel. Re-connect all the wires and start up your printer.

You won't ever have this issue again.

If you don't do this, prepare for this issue I had after ignoring this error for a few weeks: