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Two questions related to the Raspberry Pi 3. Both probably go right back to the original Helno design, but I thought I'd ask you first:

1) When I rest the Pi on the upper case, it seems there should be another 1mm or so clearance. The USB jacks hit the top before the circuit board hits the two standoffs near the middle of the board. Is there some trick? Are you running into this issue too? The rest of the dimensions on my case seem fine, but I suppose it could be print related. I can get the case to close if I push tightly, but I worry about stressing the circuit board.

2) With the RaspBerry Pi 3, they went away from the push-in push-out style microSD card holder. When this is in the case, the opening is pretty small Even with a tweezers, I can't get in there to pull the card out. Any suggestions?