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Thanks. I did look at the parts list and use it for recommendations on infill and such, but I rather like to know what I print before I print it :)
The large F-XYZ is backside of Z-axis, or? It doesn't show on any photos I could find?

Following is just my thoughts on possible improvements to easy of maintaining lots of iterations and versions:
I'll recommend making a legend like:

  • A = 25
  • B = 23,5
  • C = 25m4

That way it is easy for you to add different sizes later on and not speculate much in wheter they are metric, emperic or what else the sizes are named.
Try not to use two different denominations for the same thing, like IE and F.

Wisfull thinking:
I'm very visually dependent when building stuff, and know some will find his totallly redundant, but on the other hand, I know a lot would appreciate it :)
This takes a lot of time but it can be done simply by taking a few photos of each assemly and write part name on the photos. Or just use photos, if the writing is too time consuming.
Kind of like this:

Tantillus (Ultius) Compact Ultimaker Slider Adapters
by dintid