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I may but this was YOUR wonderful concept so I thought you, the originator, would want to take it to completion.

BTW, if you want to control your lights. there is a wireless interface that controls the WS2811/12 LEDs using a VERY inexpensive wifi module (ESP8266). See here for the specific product lighting forum discussion: http://diychristmas.org/vb1/showthread.php?6074-Announcing-the-Renard-Plus-ESPWiFI_Pixel-controller, here for the product details: http://www.renard-plus.com/rpespwifipixel.html, and here if you are interested in obtaining one: http://renard-shop.com/home/37-es-wifi-pixel-controller.html

It is an open design, open software and lots of support on the forum (I am a member there). I think we could figure out a way to tweak the code to get it to light up white on power up, then if you decide to do colors/effects, you would use the free light animation software like Xlights to do different effects from your computer.