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Hi guys I wanted to add my own experience with MicroSwiss. This has been the only upgrade I have done to my prinrter that I have regretted. The first one oozed filament all over and eventually broke off in the heater block. Totally ruined my block. After getting a replacement I followed the instructions to the letter , got 3 pretty solid prints before It started to ooze and clog. Here is how I fixed it.

First I took everything apart except the nozzle, the heating block, thermal tube and the cooling block. I I then removed the nozzle completely and attempted to clean. (didnt really work) I heated the whole thing up (minus the nozzle) and very carefully using channel locks and a wrench turned the COOLING BLOCK around which in turned caused my thermal tube to tighten about half a turn. I put NO kind of stress on either of them and was being SUPER careful to make sure I didnt force anything. I used the cooling block because I dont have a wrench that can get on that thermal tube. (I wonder if this is where peoples problems come from in some cases!)

Now that I KNEW my thermal tube was bottomed out, I let everything cool and took my time installing the nozzle again, used fingers to tighten all the way and then backed up 1/4 turn. Heat to 250 and then tighten again.

The only different here between the normal install is that I ACTUALLY got the thermal tube in , I am unconvinced that finger tightening it can get it far enough in.

Now all the oozing was done , but guess what? I'm still clogging up just like many others. I did all the troubleshooting I have seen others do , reassemble, make the thermal tube flush instead of sticking out 1.7 mm,carefully apply thermal paste to the tube, I had a brand new gar from uncle chucks (I bought two) so I replaced mine with a brand new one. I messed with my thermistor and heater core. In my case the clogs were happening about 14 minutes in, I would hear the extruder making a thunk type noise.

Here is the fix that worked for me:

I took an old Motherboard I had laying around and I ripped a heatsink off of it , I then zip tied that around my extruder moter and used thermal paste to connect the heatsink to the motor on the two main contact points on the side. My Heatsink extended pretty far down so I was able to get it to make contact with the cooling block too so I thermal pasted that to the heat sink as well.

I watched the extruder motor temps drop from around 130 - 140 C to 105 to 110 after doing this. Mine is working now but honestly my prints look kinda awful. I also turned the heat up to 220 during my troubleshooting. I am hoping that I can improve my prints through settings now that the clogging is under control.