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I don't really know what a squaring check is, presumably that meant the axis are set 90 degrees, answer is no, however I had done basically calibration print of UK coinage, centred on print platform. They look fine, and this calibration has to be perform for each custom build, just make the 'step/mm' adjustment within configuration.h

It might be useful to note, your 3D printer, even the best calibrated ones will have tolerances toward Z print thickness, nozzle size you use, perhaps very large XY dimension prints could fare worst than smaller print, but I suspect it will be negligible

I totally trust Misumi products, only the brass bushing came from China, and there are good, I don't have super precise equipment to be measurement, except a digital caliper, none the less, didn't have issues with the bushing.

The print bed is well suited to use a glass plate from 8x10 picture frame, I am not using special Borosilicate, and had applied Airwolf3D Wolfbite forABS, works like a dream, no warping, in fact the adhesion was so strong I was a bit worried of the pinging sound when it releases itself