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thank you very much for your great design. I understood what you were mentioning with the oval shape, so I decided for this one (tho I waited and lurked until the "uni-segment" thing was released by you)

Currently I got both feet, All E-Segments and printing S-4 at this moment.

Printing since 4 days on my Da Vinci Pro (of course with pauses; 1 segment takes about 3-4 hours to print at 0.2mm)
I forgot to print it with supports, got a little hanging in the X-bridges, but it's minor. Think some files, cutting and maybe a bit of acetone will help here for me - but how I said, its minor.

2 photos;
1: Printing S-4 + ready printed parts beside the printer
2: The parts, white ABS. You can see the slightly hanging from printing without supports or anything. Printed everything just as it came, flipped it to "lay flat" - as a tower (watch pic. 1 inside the printer front left)

As soon as i will finish it, we'll meet at the "Made One" section :) - Keep up the great work!