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Hello Flipper
I have built this sensor and calibrated it using a 2.99 mm rod and when I measure the voltage output out of the sensor (with the rod inserted and steady) it shows the correct measurement (it oscillates between 2.98 and 2.99 V) showing that it works just fine and everything should be alright with calibration, the board and the printed case.
However I'm using it with the filament extruder V5, the LCD readings are oscillating so much anywhere between 2.64 mm to 3.83 mm. I measured the aux 2 pins of the ramps board and its supplying 5V as well and the signal going into the RAMPS board is the same as the one measured right at the sensor terminals (2.98 - 2.99 V).
I don't have much knowledge of programming but I'm trying to figure it out, I suppose some oscillation is expected but not of that magnitude.
Do you have any clue what it might be ? or what should I look for or add into the mackerel code ?
Thank you for your time.