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Over 30 friggin hours after 3 prints on 3 different i3 dialed in printers this model needs friggin tuning and wider gaps, period. I should have read more of the ~200 comments it looks like this model, not 3dbenchy, should be the defacto standard of a "torture" test of a 3d printer, because if you can print one of these without the tips of the arms at the hinges snapping off....well, gold plate your printer and don't breath on it cause it's one in a million, LOL.

Are there possibly any plans to adjust this model with say, a 15-20% increase in hinge gaps, and maybe at the same time a small percentage of reinforcement on the ends of the hinges and other small areas involved in the motion?

All punchiness aside, if I didn't absolutely think this thing was amazing, I certainly wouldn't have already spent the ~30 hrs and $ to keep trying - it really is a thing of beauty to hold in your hand when finished and explain to a little boy how all moving parts it printed tiny slice layer by layer. My little one is going to be crushed this 3rd one just snapped too. I haven't yet had the heart to tell him. I just don't think I can tie up the printer and spend the $ on the filament and electricity and wear on the machine pushing 40+ hrs for this unless it gets some adjustment to increase my odds of success.

EDIT: Should have stated - this was 3 attempts on 2 different i3's at slow 35mm speed (and slower for edges), .3, 3 shells (1.2mm) 1.2mm top/bottom with 2 different brands of PLA (3 different colors) - so I think I mixed it up enough other than the resolution and at 10hrs at .3, I really did not want to have to do a full 24hr print for this (although now with 3 failures I guess maybe if I would have been guaranteed 1 success)....but no way 3x24hrs each which is what I have a feeling it would be to still have failures I just can't justify. I thought I read a while ago on the thing description that it had been successfully printed at .3? Is that the issue? Because I'm getting great layer adhesion like I said having used 3 diff colors, two Hatchbox and one eSun it aint the filament and the temps and model otherwise look perfect - no layer separation etc. that indicates a bad print - it just really does not have the strength built in to be printed vertically like it is making the layers vertical and the z-axis layer weakness I'm really surprised i guess that this many people ARE actually able to snap this thing open without it cracking. I can post pics later as well showing how great my prints look despite the failures so I could really use some advise. I see the author saying yes, print it vertically, but are all the successful prints really being printed in the default vertical orientation, or did they perhaps lay it flat to strengthen and flip the layers?