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I have a simple clock that I made with a physics set (Thames and Kosmos? I might be wrong...), but it doesn't work no matter what angle I put the pendulum arm at to the gears. Maybe it's the shape of the gears? They're not shaped like the one in that swiss lever escapement video; They're just regular gears. The crown gear keeps slipping, and when that happens the counter-weight juts down and sometimes even comes off completely! Sometimes there's not enough force to move the pendulum back into position, so it just stops swinging. I've been trying to fix these problems for years, yet the only solution I've found is using a heavier counter-weight (which ironically causes more problems, like making the counter-weight fall off, for instance).
I assume that you are learned in pendulum clocks and how they work, so I hope you may be able to help.

P.S. Awesome, Amazing, Astounding... I need a thesaurus to describe this build!