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Hi Charlie,
I'm currently printing this out but have discovered that all the holes are measuring for 8mm. The stock kit has 2 x 10mm rods to support the z axis carriage (plate with 4 bearings), and 1 x 8mm rod that was supporting the other side of the z - cross bar (?).

Here's what my setup looked like a while ago: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:202566

Could you please make some adjustments on the files to accommodate the larger bearing size (10MM) ?

Here's a list of adjustments that would help solve this for me:
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_1_1.STL - ( motor mount without the z endstop tab ) - sized for the 10mm rods
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_2_2.STL - ( z axis carraige without the z endstop mount) - sized for 10mm rods and bearings (bearings: 19mm outside diameter)
1 X Charlies3DT_K8200_MM_3.STL - (rod holders for size without z endstop) - sized for 10mm rods

I've gone through several implementations for the dual Z axis and this, by far, is the cleanest solution.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Hanging Z axis mount for Velleman K8200/3drag with velleman K8204 Trapezoid leadscrew upgrade