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0.5mm thermal pads. (
They are tacky enough to hold the glass without clips. I used a 100x100mm sheet cut into ninths (3x3) and works well with my 800x800mm bed. Make sure you remove the protective layers from both sides.

Used blue tape when I started. Some brands really did not work.Went through glue sticks, but usually messier and not always even. Used generic hairspray before getting turned onto Aquanet. Love Aquanet on glass now. Been printing with ASA (all the good properties of ABS plus less smell, warping and UV-resistant). A hot bed and a few coats of Aquanet holds really well. Prints pop off when glass is cold. A bit more expensive, but to me, better 'ink'.

Not certain of your printer and if the dials will fit, but very handy if they do.

Glad I could be of some help. Building up karma points.