About cyul

Hi guys!

I was going to go without a bio, because I don't like to talk about myself. A recent incident here made me rethink that. I have something to say.

I enjoy sharing my stuff, I could never repay all that I learned from the maker community, but I am trying. I am trying to make my posts as clear as possible, I answer questions in the comments section, and I try to stay on top of things. I want everyone to have fun.

I you have a thorny question, please ask it in the comment section, maybe someone else has the same question and did not take the time to ask. Maybe the answer could benefit yet another person who did not even know how to ask that question. Refrain from asking for one-to-one help, that's not how it works. Be aware that if I detect that your question has already been answered elsewhere, and I suspect that you haven't done your homework, I may choose not to reply. Or maybe I am away from my computer.

Should you experience extraordinary difficulties building something and you feel anger or disappointment, please, take a moment to consider your next move. If you feel like posting negative comments, please take a break, go outside, play with your pet/kids/spouse, have a beer, breathe, calm down, just resist the temptation of spoiling the fun for others.

Remember: this is a hobby, we are all doing this for fun. People like me give their time for your enjoyment. No one owes you anything, and certainly not technical support or a private design service.

Thank you for your understanding.

I Am A…

Maker, Engineer, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Wanhao I3

Design Programs: Tinkercad, Fusion 360

3D Design Skill Level



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