What is Thingiverse Payments?

When creating your app, you’ll have the option to enable in-app purchasing. This will give you access to the Payments API allowing you to charge for services.

How Does Thingiverse Payments Work?

There are many moving parts with in-app purchasing, so let’s touch on a few of them...

Payment Dialog

Using the Thingiverse Iframe Javascript SDK, you can initiate a payment request that will open a payment window. All payments are handled by Thingiverse so the transaction is safe and secure for you and the Thingiverse users. Once the payment has been completed, the user will return back to the app. If a Designer has requested a tip in return for access to their content through your App, the Payment Dialog will take care of requesting the tip amount for you.

If your App requires a shipping address, you can also trigger an address dialog. Once the user selects an address, the information will be returned to your App. If your application requires shipping information in order to calculate shipping cost, it is obviously best to call this dialog first.

Check the SDK documentation for more information.


Users will be able to initiate a refund on all orders within 30 days of the transaction. You’ll be notified of any refund requests via Thingiverse Messaging and email. From there, you can view the Order detail page with the option to issue or decline the refund. Users will be able to escalate the refund to Thingiverse support if declined and they feel the reasoning is invalid. Multiple refund request denials will result in an investigation on the App and further action could be taken, including removing your App from Thingiverse.

An App may also cancel an order. If, for example, you are unable to fulfill the order, use the Thingiverse API to cancel the order.

Receiving Payments

At the start of every month, Thingiverse will pay out all earnings your app has received for the month. Make sure to keep your PayPal information up to date.

Service Charge

This service charge is not taken out of the designer’s tip amount.