About dlb5

Hi everyone! :) I´m quite a newbie in this plastic printing world, but I have spent a lot of time understanding CNC few years ago. I designed and built my own CNC router, which lately was adapted to be able to 3dprint.

I like architecture, domotics, robotics, designing and modeling, programming, photovoltaic energy, electric cars, music...
I've learnt a lot from other people models and I think this is the place where I should share mine's.

I Am A…

Designer, Maker, Student

Tools I Use…

Printers: DIY CNC/3DP

3D Design Skill Level



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Anet A8 Prusa i3 2,717 8,436
Raspberry_Pi 92 5,890
OpenSCAD 272 4,249
CNC 27 2,166
MyRCCar 14 15


A snapshot of dlb5's favorite designs, collections and makes

MyRCCar 1/10 Complete Buggy Build with Shell, Bumper and Wing by dlb5 Feb 26, 2018
FJ Cruiser Body for MyRCCar 1/10 Truggy Build by dlb5 Feb 14, 2018
MyRCCar 1/10 Truggy Build for FJ Cruiser Body by dlb5 Feb 10, 2018
MyRCCar Universal Chassis with Light Top and Closed Sides by dlb5 Feb 7, 2018
RC Car Motor Pinion Generator / Customizer. Mod1, 32p, 48p, with hole for M3 or M4 screw grub, D-shape or key MyRCCar compatible by dlb5 Jan 21, 2018
Airbrush CNC Support and control with Marlin by dlb5 Jun 21, 2017