Hakko T12 OLED Temperature Controller case by drkow Nov 1, 2017
Parametric brushed micro quadcopter for lulfro, alienwii, etc by drkow May 23, 2015
zmr 250 quadcopter cleanflight LED holder (parametric) by drkow May 14, 2015
Plunger for 3M Scotch-Weld DP 420/460 and other epoxy by drkow Sep 4, 2013
Adjustable Bicycle Chain Guide by drkow Jul 16, 2013
parametric spool wall hanger/holder for repraper and others by drkow Apr 15, 2013
My genome data by drkow Apr 5, 2013
Export OpenSCAD paths from Adobe Illustrator CS6 by drkow Apr 4, 2013
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Makerbot end stop mount for M8 rod by drkow Aug 26, 2012