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Artist, Designer, Engineer

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Printers: My own design, and a RepRapPro Fisher delta.

Design Programs: Illustrator, Inkscape, MeshLab, MeshMixer, OpenSCAD, Photoshop, Solidworks

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A snapshot of droftarts's favorite designs, collections and makes

Parametric pulley - lots of tooth profiles by droftarts Jan 28, 2012

Verified Files

Parametric bracing frame vertex by droftarts Feb 6, 2012
T5 & XL Parametric Pulley by droftarts Sep 5, 2011
Simple sliced Wade's Geared Extruder by droftarts Apr 26, 2011
Afghan Lathe by Vik Olliver by droftarts Apr 18, 2011
PCB Mill mount for Vert-X axis by droftarts Sep 13, 2011