About energywave

I'm a (micro, compact, full) .net developer for passion before for work. In my spare time I like to design and make 3D objects. I started with Shapeways, where I own a shop mainly with pendants and keychain available in precious and semi-precious materials www.3dlabshop.com
Then I entered the beautiful world of 3D printers by winning a New Matter MOD-t as a prize. And I'm sure this will be a long journey with other 3D printers on the way... :)
I mainly like to design functional parts that solve some daily life problems or replace something with a better solution but I also like to create new design objects.
I opened a 3D HUB. If you want me to print something follow this link: https://www.3dhubs.com/milan/hubs/3d-lab

henriksozzi http://3dlabshop.com

I Am A…

Designer, Maker, Engineer

Tools I Use…

Printers: New Matter Mod-T

Design Programs: 123D Design, Inkscape, MeshMixer, Spaceclaim, Fusion 360

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A snapshot of energywave's favorite designs, collections and makes

HS Printer test - ver 3 by energywave Mar 16, 2016
MOD-t printing bed clips by energywave Mar 8, 2016
Thermoscan lens filter container by energywave Feb 24, 2016
Espresso cup holder by energywave Feb 3, 2016
Tea Cup Holder by energywave Jan 20, 2016
3-Avent Biberon + Tea Spoon holder by energywave Feb 16, 2016