Plastic support for portable credit card reader (3.5 mm headphone jack) by eried Dec 23, 2013
NP120 Battery dummy by eried Oct 26, 2013
Interchangeable EU-type plugs for HP Prime Calculator USB charger by eried Oct 14, 2013
Case/dock to refresh Xbox 360 controller batteries by eried Sep 1, 2013
Customizable top cover case for the Raspberry Pi by eried May 15, 2013
Super Glue basket holder for the refrigerator by eried May 10, 2013
The MeatFlipper by eried Feb 18, 2013

Featured Thing!

Arm rest fix for a computer Chair by eried Feb 16, 2013
Desktop Laser Turret with Kinect Head Tracking by eried Nov 19, 2012
Power bar dock by eried Oct 8, 2012
Printable Rescue Robot for Mining by eried Oct 6, 2012
Carpenter/Hobby Press Pads by eried Oct 3, 2012