Wall Dock for AA and AAA plastic storage boxes by eried Nov 15, 2011
Dremel Multi-Vise Pads by eried Nov 13, 2011
Desk/table fan (chinese multibrand) upside down adaptor by eried Nov 6, 2011
Printable VELCRO by eried Oct 22, 2011
A MakerBot TOM with attitude: RGB leds controlled by the status of the print process by eried Oct 18, 2011
MK5/MK6 filament plunger screw guide (anti vibration) by eried Oct 11, 2011
Sd, MicroSd and USB holder by eried Oct 10, 2011

Featured Thing!

Simple window lock with screw holes by eried Oct 4, 2011
Multipurpose (mainly safety glasses) small hanging support with 3 hooks by eried Sep 27, 2011
Gen4 Interface Scripts and Partymode by eried Sep 16, 2011