Fan Duct for E3D hotend by euphy Sep 21, 2013
E3D hotend groovemount for i3 with RepRapPro miniextruder by euphy Jul 2, 2013
Polargraph case for v1.3 polarshield by euphy Jun 11, 2013
Extension for Prusa Y carriage to fit RepRapPro heatbed by euphy May 26, 2013
LM8UU bushing for standard Prusa i3 y carriage with by euphy May 26, 2013
PolargraphSD v1.2 case by euphy Oct 14, 2012
PolargraphSD Case by euphy Aug 14, 2012

Featured Thing!

2-part polargraph sprocket by euphy Mar 21, 2012
Polargraph takeup spool bracket by euphy Mar 8, 2012
Arduino edge mount bracket pair by euphy Feb 21, 2012
Simple extruder filament guide for eMAKER Huxley by euphy Dec 11, 2011