Flush-mounted box lid / Unterputzdosendeckel by schuetzi99 2 days ago
Support pour Rubik's Cube by jp_perroud 2 days ago
Customizable Spool Drawer by frankvdh 2 days ago
Sonogram picture frame with lithophane by balassy 3 days ago
Parametric Folding Loupe Flat-convex edition by Justs 3 days ago
Simple customisable hook by johadalin 1 day ago
KeyRing Parametric scad and stl by mrmaint 3 days ago
Parametric Mount for Berd Air MAX by DechAmim 3 days ago
Alternative The Things Network (TTN) Gateway Enclosure by BookSwapSteve 3 days ago
OpenSCAD Vase Remix by DechAmim 3 days ago
Spiral vase linear bushing by apbetioli 4 days ago
Box with Honeycomb cut-outs by colling2 4 days ago