GASB One from Carletto73 files for small printer, eddited with OpenSCAD by AndreasG4r 6 days ago
Customizable OpenSCAD Wire Holder, Kabelkamm by AndreasG4r 6 days ago
Camera Z Bar Stereo Mount by Gecko23 Mar 11, 2018
Customizable adhesion test by b2vn 6 days ago
LED Strip for exterior by maxion66 Mar 11, 2018
Soma Cube by maxion66 Mar 11, 2018
Lenticular Clean Dirty Sign by TheFisherOne Mar 11, 2018
Customizable ski and poles holder by L29Ah Mar 11, 2018
golden ratio piral earing by omyomy Mar 11, 2018
Parametric Tiny Whoop 3D Printed Frame by makermorgan Mar 11, 2018
Case for original Raspberry Pi model B with space for Pi Plate by guysoft Mar 11, 2018
Box with lid held by latches by jprofesorek Mar 11, 2018