Justin Garraux by GARRAUXJC 1 hr ago
Llombaerth by Shadowtaelon 2 days ago
Reaper, with flat base. by Grenwall 2 days ago
Basic Skier Figurine by independencetech 3 days ago
Homer Simpson head (multi-color) by cipis 4 days ago
12 Monkeys - The Witness by Syfy 6 days ago
Aztec Chief (multi-color version) by cipis 6 days ago
Standing Stitch by Melic May 18, 2017
One Punch Man Boss Asura Kabuta by Ninznak May 17, 2017
3D PRINT READY!! Miku Hatsune crouching by Animu May 17, 2017
Iron Man Shooting by Melic May 16, 2017
86Duino Doraemon Part 2 / 哆啦A夢 / ドラえもん by Anthonylu May 15, 2017