HENRYSEG's developing_hilbert_curve with supports.stl by Zoon1234micron 17 mins ago
Hound of the Baskervilles Voronoi by 3DDEDCLUB 17 hrs ago
Escher Star minus lizards by thingsterv 3 days ago
Christmas Tree Isosurface by simonscarle 3 days ago
Cube for two-color printers. with numbers by BasejCar 5 days ago
cube no. ? by BasejCar 5 days ago
Cube for two-color printers by BasejCar 6 days ago
Moebius Möbius band by Syzguru11 Jun 17, 2017
Dreikopftile by juewei Jun 15, 2017
Twisted Drop by simonscarle Jun 15, 2017
Truncated Octahedron Matrix by Toddard Jun 13, 2017
regular tetrahedron by tyh Jun 13, 2017