About ezmobius

I'm a software engineer, entreprenuer, glassblower, was a pro snowboarder for 2 weeks until i blew my ACL, I've written a book called "Deploying Rails Applications" for the Pragmatic Programmers, I was one of 3 founders of a company called Engine Yard(http://engineyard.com).

I have this 10 year itch thing in my blood. I was a glassblower for 10 years in the 90's, I've been a professional software engineer for 10 years now and just recently I've picked up arduinod and embedded hardware/electronics. In the past few months I've built many ardiono projects along with an ArduCopterMega Quad, an EggBot modded to etch glass instead of write on eggs and I have a new 3d printer kit sitting here in front of me I am about to put together.