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Taking Your Project into the 3rd Dimension with Zip-Bit, Inc.

I provide Rapid Prototyping Services in the engineering disciplines of 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, 3D Printing for all businesses and applications. Specializing in niche markets and in producing unique one-off and limited run custom assemblies. Zip-Bit, Inc. offers affordable, customizable 3D engineering, development and support services for all areas of industry/manufacturing, science, education, arts, and more...

I like to build and modify 1:16 scale RC Tanks, robotics, electronics, programing, and dinking/hacking in general, so I put together a design studio for the enhancement of 1:16 scale RC tank models based off the Tamiya, Bandai, Doyusha, IMAI, Henglong, Matorro, Trumpeter and WSN tank chassis and running gear, called Zip-Bit, Inc.

Zip-Bit, Inc. now provides the following services for niche markets and DIYers producing unique one off and limited run customized assemblies.

3D Scanning
(HiRez Structured Light & LASER)
3D Modeling
(Parametric & Reverse Engineering)
3D Printing

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I Am A…

Designer, Engineer, Professional

Tools I Use…

Printers: Stratasys Dimension SST1200es, B9 Creator, Formlabs, Deltaprinter, Chocoprinter

Design Programs: Geomatics Design X, PolyWorks, Magics RP, SolidWorks, many more...

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