About fmotta

Software geek by trade, MPU geek by practice, mechanical geek by upbringing.

Build/Operator of:
Thing-O-Matic S/N 4360
2 prusa based printers
1 ultimaker
1 CraftBot

One of the many reasons I design many of my things using a method that can be user customized (by modifying code) in OpenSCAD is so that I do not have to provide/maintain variants. I want to move on to the next thing and possibly reuse the code and experience from the past ones. Not to mention I think that most CAD software is designed to ensure dependence there-upon as none have a standardized interface nor terms and they all have hidden features that one only learns once they invest months into the CAD app. I want to make a thing, not become a CAD expert. CAD is a tool just like a fork or car or a 3D printer. I use them for a productive goal in creating something - not as a lifestyle.


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