About fronzjr

Soccer loving genius. New to 3D printing. Does work at Ting Makerspace Westminster. Shout out to my man Steve from makerspace: you're the best. Also learning to code in python, JavaScript, and SQL. Working on making a raspberry pi a good computer.

I Am A…

Engineer, Student, Designer

Tools I Use…

Printers: Mini

Design Programs: Thingiverse Customizer, MeshMixer, Tinkercad

3D Design Skill Level



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Engineering 730 11.7K
Prusa i3 1,690 10K
Raspberry_Pi 102 6,378
Thingiverse 591 3,167
TinkerCAD 58 2,244
Tanks 13 670
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A snapshot of fronzjr's favorite designs, collections and makes

Wooden wall by fronzjr Feb 3, 2018
Cannon by fronzjr Feb 1, 2018
Cannon expansion pack!!! by fronzjr Feb 2, 2018
Eraser grip by fronzjr Feb 7, 2018
Ancient spear by fronzjr Jan 30, 2018