Volvo F88 Cabin Project

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Hi Tamiya-Truckers!
I am releasing right now the parts for an 70's Volvo F88 Cabin.
I don't will upload the parts all in once but in a weekly rythm.

To complete the truck you can use the Tamiya parts, Carson parts or, only for Display, the thingiverse parts...

Where can I get the stl?
Excellent job.

Sorry, but I delete the Cabin files now, because of Intervention by Volvo … I have no time and money for such kindergarten games...

Awesome Martin! Thank you for sharing this great model! I've posted on your page already and thank you also for the help and tips!

Nice build! I finished the same cabin in June/July. Quite a challenge to make it. Wish you good luck with yours. :) (Hopefully you'll make it better than I did) ;)

Hey cool!
I am Looking Forward to see the finished truck!!
Perhaps you can use some of my parts?
Keep on truckin' and printing!

Where can one find the Volvo cabin?

It will take one or two weeks until I have it Ready!! I will upload it on my thingiverse page like the other parts. Be Patient!

Okay, thanks :)