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need some help with something that sounds really simple

by kaighn80

hi, so im trrying to combine a couple of gears (32 tooth and 16 tooth to produce a compound spur gear) from this thing or group of things? www.thingiverse.com/thing:2679950. problem is im having to scale up which is ok, but i cant seem to get the gears to align or stack so that i can combine them and print them as one solid object. any ideas on how to do this? ive tried google but that hasnt helped at all!

Grayson change gears
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123d Design not responding? It was working, please help.

by TylerTotally

Hey guys, I have been drawing with 123d design for a few years now. I was so bummed when they discontinued it. I woke up one morning with an idea in my head and then went to draw it and.... it shows me the title screen and says "not responding" I have lost the installation file, and im wondering if there is anything I could change in its home folder, I don't know?

Hope we can get it working ; )


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123D won't use my dedicated graphics card

by JayDezi

I just installed 123D design on my new laptop but i've been using it for a while. I can load and run 123D design just fine but it won't recognize my graphics card. (its an Nvidea Geforce gtx 960M) It says i don't have the right driver but i know i have the latest one. Autodesk actually made a patch for this (solves errors with autodesk choosing wrong graphics card) on their professional grade products (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.) but i don't see any solutions and the official 123D help forums were recently disbanded.

Has anyone had this problem or can you suggest a solution? The resolution also looks terrible on this computer compared to my old one. I don't know why that is or how to change that. My laptop is 64bt vs 32 so i thought that might have something to do with it. There doesn't seem to be any native controls for changing the graphical settings.

Thanks in advance guys!

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getting objects to sit flush with each other

by FluxCo

I have assembled a number of objects for my design but they are not all sitting level with each other. I remember there was a trick involving a extending a line / plane to split an object to get rid of the raised bits.Does any one know how to do this?


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