123d Design not responding? It was working, please help.

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Hey guys, I have been drawing with 123d design for a few years now. I was so bummed when they discontinued it. I woke up one morning with an idea in my head and then went to draw it and.... it shows me the title screen and says "not responding" I have lost the installation file, and im wondering if there is anything I could change in its home folder, I don't know?

Hope we can get it working ; )


Yes i actually have switched to fusion 360... but if anyone has this happen to them and wants to fix it do this

go to C:\Users\Tyler\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\123D Design\Autodesk\123D Design
and delete "CEROption"
start up the program and the file will be re created
and then it works flawlessly
Thanks guys!!!

Have you considered just switching to Fusion 360? Very similar, made by the same people, far more advanced features, sure a few quirks but it works just as well. Free also when you register as a inventor.

Damn such a shame. I don't have the installation thing but mine is working perfectly fine. You could probably just move the files where you think it may be in..