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Problems with "My things"

by marcusmole

Is anyone else having problems with Thingiverse today none of my designs posted afterNovember are visible

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Thing 50...

by mgleite


I just put my 49 "thing" here at Thingiverse and I would like to do something nice for you guys. I wanted suggestions for my number 50 thing because it's a milestone I was not thinking of achieving with my modest voxels. You can send me a private message with your suggestions. I will open the deadline until September 24 at 23:59 GMT-3

Greetings everyone

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War Beasts for Scavengers Wargame

by mgleite

War beasts rules for Scavengers Wargame! Mamutus and Trartak!

Download at https://goo.gl/8F6XUe

Download the models here:

Mamutus - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2355834

Trartak - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2353700

Download Scavengers Wargame:

Download our minis:

Have Fun!

Mamutus - Human War Mammoth for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
Trartak - Orc War Triceratops for Scavengers Wargame
by mgleite
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by Fluxcapacitance

Hey guys. I'm new to 3D printing but having a blast. I've been working in Blender since 1999 or so.

I'd like to make some figures that would work with the "Bolt Action" game but with the smaller 1:100/15mm scale. I really like the massive, free 1:100 tank set available on thingiverse, so I've wanted to dive in.

Here's a quick model that will do fine at 15mm, though I'll still be sculpting on it for 1:72 or so. Before I get too carried away, I'd like to see how this model works for you guys, or what you'd prefer for format before I get too carried away. ;)


Here's an updated set. I have a very detailed rigged character that I can manipulate into different poses, so if these work out alright I'll be making a whole bunch!


15mm or 1:100 WW2 Mortar Infantry
15mm / 1:100 US Infantry - WW2
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WW2 Gamers

by rKeeling75

Are there any 15mm WW2 gamers here? And if so, does anyone know of a good way to get started printing infantry? Tanks are easy. :-)

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