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Our Experience PhotoCamera + Autodesk ReMake + Meshmixer

by 3DWithUs

We scanned one of the creatures on the lamp post by taking as many pictures as we could from all possible angles. As we couldn’t cover all the angles, we’ve done some fixing in Autodesk ReMake and sculpting in Meshmixer.

Thames Dolphin Lamp Standard

Tango Phones for 3D Scanning... Or Not?

by Micheit

Does anyone have a Tango device yet? It has all the hardware to 3D scan, but can it? It sounds to good to be true.

any new Lemmy or Motörhead models would be greatly appreciated.


i am good with engineering but not artwork and i am a Lemmy fan. i would like to print a bust of Lemmy but i am functional not aesthetic. many thanks

3D Capture with Screenshots

by 3DWithUs

We wanted to try Autodesk ReMake in action ASAP and instead of taking pictures with a photo camera, we took plenty of screenshots from one of the 3D video games. Check it out:

Guild Wars Cannon