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Catan for blind people

by widerporst

Please note my version of "The Settlers of Catan." It is a version that you can play as a seeing person with non seeing people.

The Settlers of Catan for blind people / Die Siedler von Catan für blinde Menschen
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Project Core 3D symbols

by guttyr

Project Core is "a stepping-up technology implementation grant directed by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies at UNC Chapel Hill" that has created 3D printable files for assisting in communication.


They currently have STL files for "Go", "Like", and "Not" available here - http://www.project-core.com/3d-symbols/

As the designs are not final they prefer not to post the files on Thingiverse yet, however, they kindly share their work in progress from their website.

Posting in the event this may be of interest to those in the group.

Have fun!

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by ATNeal

How do you produce your Braille on your designs?

I have been using an Openscad program that creates the dots but the only draw back is that the dots come out way clearer when the print is on its side as oppose to printing on a more flat area or on its back.

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