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Cosplay prop granblue fantasy please help

by xzascc

Hi, my computer broke and I can't use fusion, can someone please model this psycho syringe for me please, I need it in at least 2 peices, to fit on a 220 x 220 bed, please I need this before November, me and my girlfriend are going to a con together and it's the last piece pleeeaaasseeee

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Platypus on a Throne Model

by QuackyoftheTrees

Hey all, I'm new to 3D modeling and I was hoping someone could help me out with the below. A friend of mine absolutely loves platypuses and has always wanted a drawing/model of a platypus on a throne. Listed below is his description:

"I always envisioned a platypus on a throne (nothing too magnificent or Game of Thrones-esque, just a fancy chair really...perhaps with some sort of platypus related carvings on the armrest). The platypus would be slouching lazily and mostly appear bored (think Skyrim jarls, or a lord who has sat in court for three straight days and is beyond ready to leave), there would be a crown on the head of the platypus that is falling off to one side as if the platypus fell asleep in the chair and hadn't bothered to recenter the crown. There would also be a roll of carpet (probably purple...cause that strikes me as a very platypus color) that rolls up some steps and across the raised surface that the throne is sitting on. Behind the lazy, enthroned platypus the background would just be an emitting of glorious godrays, as if this lazy creature was divine. Bonus points if subtle illusions are made to the poisonous barbs that platypuses have on their heels and the fact that they lay eggs...perhaps in the architecture of the chair."

I have no idea if that made any sense but any assistance would be appreciated. The attached image is a very quick and rough mock-up.

3Dmodel Platypus throne
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Bell TV Remote Cover

by studhause

Would someone be kind enough to model this? I am looking for the battery cover of this Bell remote. The first two pictures are the top and bottom of the cover and the last two pictures are of the remote itself. Thank you!

Bell remote Remote_cover
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