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is there a hardware kit for the 1/3 scale toyota engine

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sanding the Engine block and piston tools

by jrock1350

Just wanted to share this with the group. My son and I were sanding the bore s and pistons for the 22RE engine. We got talking and figured there was an easier way so we made these. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3167802
ID and OD sanders for the drill to speed it up. they work really good and so I thought I would share.

3d printed engine block sanders
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Valve assembly

by bswails1384

I dont fully understand the valve assembly process. It says to glue a 3mm jam nut into the spring retainer. Does the end of the 35mm rod need to be threaded?

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Valve Springs

by crowdpleazer

Having trouble finding appropriate springs to work. The hardware list just says "I used custom springs once again."


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Lets learn how to design your own Eric-style engine model

by Justy_guy

Hello, as a proud Subaru owner I'm a big fan of the Eric's EJ20 model, but I have a Justy whitch have a EF12 engine (1.2l inline 3 cylinder)...
I have a Fusion360 and I never tryed to design something that complicated... Hope I started the right way - with the block...
I will use the same bearings as in the EJ20, M3 bolts (maybe with brass inserts on some places), maybe thicker magnets, GT2 timing belt, and same electric motor (but I'm not sure where to hide it), also I didn't find very good springs for the valves so I hope someone else got something cheap (from aliexpress would be cool)...
If anyone have any tips I will be very happy, I will also share anything I will find useful for others trying to design their engines :)

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