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by bmmsben

Say hello! Tell us what library you're with and what printer you're using!

Training Print

by bmmsben

Someone walks in to your library and says, "I want to learn how to use the 3D printer!" What go-to print do you use to teach the printing process?

Good Printers?

by caseykoons

What are your recommendations for good printers that work well in libraries? Have any models you would recommend that we avoid?

Replicator 2x BuildPlate

by oxonhill_library

My library has a replicator 2x. We thought we canceled a print after preheating the build plate and extruders a second time. I returned hours later to find the Kapton tape burned off where it tried to print again. The base layer of the thing it tried to print appears to be slightly burned onto the plate's surface. It doesn't feel scratched or warped but I can see where the extruder repeatedly tried to print layers after it failed.

I haven't tried to remove the old and apply a new Kapton sheet yet (I'm scared!!) Has anyone experienced or seen this before?

Flexible Filament!!!

by bmmsben

My library just upgraded to a Lulzbot Taz 5 with a flexydually print head. I just started experimenting with printing flexible filament. It's awesome! If you have younger kids using your printer I would highly encourage using it. So many times with ABS and PLA a kid would print an object and it would break before they even left the library. Flexible prints beg to be played with! Anyone else using flexible filament out there?