Good Printers?

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What are your recommendations for good printers that work well in libraries? Have any models you would recommend that we avoid?

I have pretty good success with the OSC Flex https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1584589. Hope this helps!

OSC flex 1

I really like the craftbot plus.

Good morning, I have been using Zortrax M200 printers for libraries, schools and business' for months, they are in my opinion the best of the best for the money and for the application. There are no true plug and play printers on the market, however the Zortrax is as close as you can get. There software is extremely intuitive, the prints are of the highest quality and the support is phenomenal. I work for a company called (www.ultimate3dprintingstore.com). We represent dozens of manufacturers, printers like the Craftbot, Wanhao i3, i3plus, 4s, 5s, D6, Lulzbot Taz 6 and mini, and many more, we recently built a printing facility at our location in tampa, fl. As we have access to nearly all printers on the market, Zortrax is our go to. And we are here in the U.S. with parts, service, and technical support 24/7. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your input. I've seen Ultimakers in action and have been impressed with the quality of their prints and how quiet they are.

Any of you have any thoughts on their reliability compared to other models, such as the Replicator 2?

Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2 Go I don't mind the Makerbots but they are not open source.

I am particularly curious about the FormLabs Form 2 resin-based printer. Have any of you used one of these? How do you think it would fair in a library?

I've seen it in use at the 3Dprinter conference but they are very expensive but the detail of the printing is amazing. Ultimakers can print really well too