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Say hello! Tell us what library you're with and what printer you're using!

Hello, My name is Greg. I volunteer and the El Dorado Hills Library in California.

We have 8 printers,
1 FT-5
1 Tarantula
3 Prusa i3 MK3
Except for the PSMEs, All were delivered as kits and assembled by volunteers. We use Cura and Raspberry Pi / Octoprint to manage all print requests.

We are an e-Nable chapter.

The library has provided TinkerCAD training and has held 3 printer build camps where library patrons assemble a 3D Printer kit, align and calibrate the printer and print basic objects before graduating and taking their printer home. (Next camp is in August.)

The latest project is 3D printer check-out. This program allows local school teachers to check out a printer (a PSME) for use their classroom. Still a work in progress but teachers are beginning to line up.

Hi, I'm Jonathan, I work at Michigan City Public Library in Indiana. We have currently 4 Dremel 3D45s and one FlashForge Creator Pro that we just purchased and are having some difficulty with at the moment. I really like our Dremel printers though. We opened a Makerspace last August and do a Coder Dojo night once a month as well as other events like 3D modeling classes using TinkerCAD, coding clubs with Lego WeDo's and other events as we are still growing.

Hello! My name is Brittany and I work at the library on the Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, TX. We currently have 2 Makerbots! I am excited to offer an evening class soon to help our patrons design and print their own designs!

Hello!! I'm one of the technicians out at La Quinta's Creation Station, the makerspace operating out of the La Quinta, California public library! We opened up last summer with three Raise3d Pro2 printers we've been learning how to use, and it's been a fun journey!


Hey there! We're a team of Digital Media Specialists with the Carmel Clay Public Library in Carmel, Indiana (just north of Indianapolis). We print almost constantly on our two Flashforge Creator Pros and our SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V3. We also use Simplify3D for prepping our files and highly recommend it!


Hi! We just got our FFCP and have had a ton of issues with it. Initially, our Z stop broke and we had to resolder it. Now our wiring seems to be messed up because the toolheads won't move correctly along the Y-axis. We're in the process of replacing it with the company. Have you run into any similar issues?

Hello! I am with the Sierra Vista Public Library, in Sierra Vista, Arizona. I inherited a Makerspace that was funded by an LSTA grant from a former colleague so I have been trying to figure out ways to make the technology accessible and available to our patrons within our small space. I print with a Qidi Tech X-One.

Hi! I'm with the Surrey Township Public Library in Farwell, Michigan. We just bought a Flashforge Dreamer and are very excited in finding ways to get people -kids especially-involved with 3D printing. We are a very small, rural library and probably couldn't have afforded the printer if we hadn't gotten a very generous surprise donation this month.


Kauai Makerspace is currently operating out of the Kapaa Public Library and is open to all library patrons. We have three Tevo Tarantula 3D printers and are in the process of adding two more due to their popularity.



Librarian at Azle Junior High (grades 7-8) in the west of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.
We just received a Flash Forge Creator Pro through a Azle Education Foundation grant.

Hi I am at Villa Park Elementary library, grades k-6.
I have a
Flash Forge Finder
Two Mono price Maker Selects.

Hello, I am a School Librarian in Mexico NY. This is a High School Library in a BOCES program. The Library has 3 Makerbot Replicator 3D printers for student use. Here is an overview video of my library space https://www.facebook.com/CiTiboces/videos/919324751548963/

Prince George's County Memorial Library System Oxon Hill Branch in Oxon Hill Maryland.
We have Makerbot Replicator 2x

Farmington Public Library in Farmington NM
We have a Replicator 2 a QIDI Tech and a Printrbot Make

Hello from Jacksonville Florida!
I am with the Jacksonville Public Library and work with Makerbot 5th Gen, FlashForge Creator Pro, and the PrintrBot Simple Metal.

Hi There,

We're from The Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons at the Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Our Printers:
Makerbot replicator 5th Gen
Makerbot z18Lulzbot TAZ 6
Printrbot Simple Metal
Prusa i3 v2


Hi there! We're Liz, Steph, and Miko at Columbus Library [part of Salt Lake County Library Services] in Salt Lake City, Utah :) We've had a 3-D printer since mid-2016 (we demoed a Box Bot from a local company, although it was somewhat frustrating to use and had technical problems), and managed to obtain our own in October 2016.

Currently, we're printing eSun PLA on a Lulzbot TAZ 6. We also have a Mendel, but it's collecting dust at the moment.

We're delighted to make your acquaintance!

El Dorado Hills Library, El Dorado Hills, CA
3 Printrbot Simple Metal, 1 Tevo Tarantula, and 1 Folger Tech FT-5.
e-NABLE Chapter

Grateful Salt Lake City library patron here, 3D printed Raspberry Pi case with their printer and wrote a blog post about it: http://climbingtree.xyz/blog/the-slc-librarys-creative-lab-printing-a-raspberry-pi-case/

Hello, all. I'm at Chaska Middle School East school library/Learning Center and I'm using a MakerBot Replicator 5th gen with SmartExtruder+.

Hello ....
Can your printer print ABS?
And what kind of resins can your printer print?

No, we have a Makerbot Replicator 5th Gen that prints PLA.

Side are currently using the following machines in the Cubicon and Uprint. These lines may be be all all materials.

Hi, I'm with Frisco Public Library and I'm using a MakerBot

hi, friend , nice to meet , you , this is cindy
now use the diy 3d printer
it is unassembled
but it is ok, have details video on youtube to show hot to set up and how to use
and its printing quality so far is quite good.

Hi , I'm Karen . I work at an Arts University in Alberta Canada . We are purchasing a Makerbot Replicator . It should be here in a month or so . The staff here are so excited that it got approved . I've been watching the "lynda " videos to prepare for printing .

I'm Sunny. We just had delivered a Robox. I work in a Middle School Library in Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to my student technology group to showcase some 3D printing to show the possibilities to others at the school.

Hi, I'm Christina and I work at the public library in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. We have a Makerbot Replicator 2, and are getting a second one very soon.

Hi guys, I'm from Palmerston North, New Zealand. We're currently having 4 printers:

Makerbot Replicator
UP Printer Mini
UP Printer Plus
Ultimaker 2

I'm an Information & Virtual Services Librarian at Winnipeg Public. Our Makerspace will open next year, but we have a Printrbot Metal Plus that I'm testing right now. Nothing like having a 3D printer on your desk!

Hello I'm Francisco I work for San Mateo County Libraries (smcl.org) and we have Ultimakers 2 at all of our 12 locations and we also have Ultimaker's 2 Go (cube) for all libraries and bookmobile for out reach. We print daily with patrons and we have several STEM programs and clubs that use the 3D printers like MouseSquad. We also have a few Makerbot replicators left over from previous programs at a few libraries.

Wow, getting staff at all those locations trained up seems like quite the challenge!

Hi. I'm Casey Koons, the new Emerging Technologies Librarian for the Onondaga County Public Library in New York State. I hav e just under ten months to design, plan and open a new library MakerSpace as part of our Central Library Renovation Project. I expect I'll have a lot of questions about printers in the months to come.

Wow! That's great. We are also building 2 new libraries and we'll be adding a MakerSpace. Have you seen the SFPL in the mix lab? http://themixatsfpl.org/technology-in-the-mix

They have a pretty nice set up. Talk to Mary Abler if you can...

Hello! I'm Harper and I work in the Public Computing department (among other things) at Portland Public Library in Portland, Maine. Our 3D printer is a Makerbot Replicator (gen 5 I think?) and just hit the public floor three weeks ago. Still learning but I am loving it so far.

Hi! I'm Sharona, the Learning Technologies Librarian at Penfield Library at SUNY Oswego. We currently have two printers: a Makerbot Replicator 2 and a Flashforge Creator Pro.

Heylo! Marc Crompton from St. George's School Learning Commons in Vancouver. Coming up on 2 years with our Makerbot Replicator 2 and, for some reason, use has taken off this fall! It's amazing. No time for catalouging. All my time feels like it is being used managing the print cue! :) Good problems to have.

Hi! I'm Janice Conger. I am the librarian at Skyview Upper Elementary School. I have had my Printout Simple for 3 days! It is my personal printer but I would like to use it with students in the library.

We are using a MakerBot 5th generation replicator. We are a public library just north of Toronto, in York Region, Town of Newmarket.

Greetings! City Library of Cologne, Germany, speaking. ;)

We sport a Replicator 2 since February 2013 and got a Replicator Mini recently. We're still looking to expand our hardware and are currently in love with an Ultimaker (sorry, MakerBot, but you're too proprietary right now).


Agreed! you can even open a smart extruder without voiding the warranty. We love the open sourceness of Ultimaker!

Hi, Tracy here. We just bought a Flashforge Creator Pro about three and a half weeks ago, and have been printing non-stop since then to become acquainted with the tricks to successful printing. We were holding off on publicizing it until we were a little more sure of our skill level, but the local paper will be featuring us Wednesday so ready or not, here come the patrons! We're Adams Memorial Library in Latrobe, PA

I'm at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. We've been through several printers, starting with a Thing-o-matic, and now working with a Replicator Dual. We've borrowed a Replicator 5th Generation for our Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies, and our College of Education has a couple of Printrbots. We just bought a Dremel printer -- haven't even taken it out of the box yet!

Hi, I'm Verma from the NIH Library. We have a Replicator 2 and a 2x. We've been offering a free first come first served service since June 2014.

Hi I'm Tom at the Brantford Public Library in Brantford, Ontario. We currently are using a Cube 3D printer at our Main branch. We have also purchased a second Cube printer to take on outreach visits in our community. Our customers can use our 3D printer for free on a first come first served basis. We have also offered a few courses on basic 3D design.

I am with the Kingston Frontenac Public Library, Ontario, Canada. We have the Makerbot Replicator (5th Gen) and the Rep 2. We also purchased their Digitizer. We have been offering "3D printing 101" info sessions & demos since the fall of 2014 and are launching 3D printing as a service for our patrons this spring.

Garfield County Public Library District, Western Slope of Colorado. We have the Lulzbot Taz 4 and the Afinia H-Series.

I'm at the Middletown Free Library in the Philly suburbs. We currently have a Replicator 2 and 2X but are expecting 4 more printers through the 3D Systems Maker Lab Club. We will be offering training to area librarians and teachers and putting together kits for them to use at their locations as well as really being able to utilize the 3D printers at our clubs.

I am in Floresville, TX, just southeast of San Antonio, at the Sam Fore, Jr. Public Library branch of Wilson County Public Libraries. We don't have 3D printers yet but are planning to add them to our library in the next 18 months or so. I joined this group as a way to educate myself on 3D printers so that when the time comes, I'll be ready.

I'm Nick from the Meridian Library District in Meridian, Idaho. We have a RepRap MendelMax 1.5 and a Printrbot Simple Metal. We've been using the printers for outreach events, teen/tween and children programs, and demos. We're about to open up weekly time slots for the public to book time with a librarian and a 3D printer.

I'm Ashley and I'm with the Richton Park Public Library in Richton Park, IL. We have a Makerbot Replicator 2 We mostly use it for demos of 3D printing - we have it available for the teens during our teen makerspace programs, so it does get some patron use.

Hello! My name is Ann and I'm with a library district in rural Arizona, Pinal County.
We use a MakerBot Replicator 2, which travels throughout the 13 libraries in our district. So far I've used it primarily for demonstrations, but I am adding more and more 3D design workshops to our programming offerings.
I have presented about our progress at my state library association conference, and built a website to share my resources:

My name is Tania and I'm from a public library service in Melbourne, Australia. We have 3 Da Vincis and they're going well. We use them as an exposure tool for people grasp the concept of 3D printing.


Chris from a med. size library in Maine. We are getting a Lulz Mini and I couldn't be happier because it will just add to our create it, make it, break it club!


Adam here from the Digital Commons inside of MLK Library (District of Columbia Public Libraries) in Washington, DC! We have been offering a P.O.D. 3D Print service and introductory classes on 3D Printing, 3D Modeling, and 3D Scanning to our library card holders for almost two years now. We currently have two MakerBot Rep 2's, three 5th Gen Rep's, and one mini-fridge sized Z-18! We started out with a 3D Systems CubeX Trio, but the long saga of that poor robot, sadly no longer with us, is to long to write here. We also have a Next Engine Desktop 3D Laser Scanner, which library patrons can request scans from.


DigiCom Staff
[email protected]


I work at the Seminole Community Library at St. Petersburg College in Florida and we are using a Monolith printer by FreeFab3D -- an open source printer built locally. I will say we've been having issues with idling pressure etc. and the extruder seems to clog often, but we are paying closer attention to it with the hopes of eliminating those types of issues in the future. I love the technology, but there are times when I am over the maintenance/troubleshooting aspects of owning one. ;)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spcilab/
Tumblr: http://spcilab.tumblr.com/

Chad Mairn

Hello! I'm with the Owen County Public Library in KY. We have just purchased our first 3D printer, the Makerbot Replicator Mini. We plan to begin letting our public use it in the next few weeks after I train the staff.

I'm at the Sauk City Public Library about 30 minutes north of Madison, WI. We've offered 3D Printing for 3 years with our MakerBot Replicator Dual Extrusion 1st Generation printer.