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How to Cut parts out of a full size mask

by TheWingman2020

I have tried and I just cant do it. I have a mask that I bought the file to print, and I wanted to edit the file so the mask fits like it is supposed to. 2 separate pieces. One part for the head, the other part for the eyes/nose. Its Big Daddy Mask from Kick Ass, the movie. The creator made it one full mask and its just a little too big for my printer, Peopoly Phenom L Massive. But if I can cut out a section I should be able to make it to fit my fat head. I'm just not too good with the editing part, plus I am using any free software which limits me. Is there anyone out there that can edit this file for me? I sent an email to the original maker but no replies yet.

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Prints keep bunching up

by WannabeDesigner

Why do my prints keep starting this way? I am new to 3D-Printing and am still trying to figure some things out and work out all the kinks. my first layer is always horrible and im not sure why. I have leveled my bed what seems like hundreds of times and always the same result. is it a clogged nozzle? everything i try comes up with the same result. I know that this has probably been discussed on a ton of places already but im not even sure what to call the problem to look it up. any input would be greatly appreciated. if it matters i am using an ender 3 pro with no upgrades as of yet.

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Sealing a vase that I think will leak.

by REALOldNick

I have DL'd a vase model from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:37327/files. It is reasonably complex, with double twirls. From my experience with 3d modelling, in this case with Cura, the idea is that the inside of the vessel is one colour and the outside another, in this case outside red and inside green.

Having sliced the model, in preview, as I rotate the model, I can see lots of little green specks "through" the red exterior. Again IME, from boat modelling, this means leaks.

Is that true and if so how should I go about fixing it, please? I have tried thicker walls and stuff, which helped but did not fix the problem.

Thanks for any help.


Double Twisted Vase
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Adapting hotend

by Jms31

I have a Voxelab Aries and am trying to get a new hotend for it. I just purchased 2 from China and they were the wrong ones. Sourceforge sent me an email saying that they are out of stock of these and may be for a significant time. My thought is adapting it using a shorter thermistor and a shorter Heater cartridge. The problem with the Aries is it uses a very short wire for both and to fit in the extruder. Does any one know how I would find these parts. I am new to these sort of things.

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Elephant footing and another problem

by FilipeBernardo

Need help to figure what the problem is pls
It's like the printer is extruding too much material but I've tested it to extrude 100 mm and it does it perfectly.

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