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Who are we?

by Rotten

A short presentation of who the members of this group are.

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CAD 101 with rockets and GIFs

by abarry

We've just put the finishing touches on a new CAD (Onshape) tutorial. It's the one I wish I had when I was learning years ago. There's a GIF at every step and it takes you from camera controls to a fully-functional model rocket in just a few hours. Take a look: http://stageoneeducation.com/cad-tutorial/index.html

CAD education EducationalProject learning onshape
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Projects in schools

by Rotten

Present your projects and how they went!

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Remove Medelis

by West3DP

Can the group administrator remove Medelis and his inappropriate files from the group? There is nothing educational about these designs. They are just 3D pornography. This really detracts from the group and its purpose.

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3D print FLYING model rockets!

by RocketEdLLC

Hello All!

We (RocketEd) are a company that has developed a set of new model rockets that build in seconds without tools. You can download them for free on our page here and you can download the accompanying curricula for free on our website! Please check us out and let us know what you think.


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