Who are we?

by Rotten

A short presentation of who the members of this group are.

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Survey for makers on new industrial revolution&makers movement

by dalia_ge

Dear makers,

I'd like to kindly ask you to contribute with your time and your opinions to my survey on http://survey.gregor-design.eu/

As part of my research internship, I am working on the subject of the new industrial revolution, third places, digital manufacturing and their effect on our lives, on education, on work, on architecture and their capabilities. to produce social innovation.

I am putting it here because considerable part of the study is focused on education.

In this study, I try to find an answer to the following areas of questions:
Who is the maker?
What are his/hers motives ?
How does he/she see the present and the future?
This movement, is it viable?
Does this have the potential to reshape our society?

THANK YOU very much!!

education makers movement survey
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CAD 101 with rockets and GIFs

by abarry

We've just put the finishing touches on a new CAD (Onshape) tutorial. It's the one I wish I had when I was learning years ago. There's a GIF at every step and it takes you from camera controls to a fully-functional model rocket in just a few hours. Take a look: http://stageoneeducation.com/cad-tutorial/index.html

CAD education EducationalProject learning onshape
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Projects in schools

by Rotten

Present your projects and how they went!

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Remove Medelis

by West3DP

Can the group administrator remove Medelis and his inappropriate files from the group? There is nothing educational about these designs. They are just 3D pornography. This really detracts from the group and its purpose.

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3D print FLYING model rockets!

by RocketEdLLC

Hello All!

We (RocketEd) are a company that has developed a set of new model rockets that build in seconds without tools. You can download them for free on our page here and you can download the accompanying curricula for free on our website! Please check us out and let us know what you think.


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Links and resources

by Rotten

A collection of articles and tutorials for 3D-printing in education.

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atmosphere reentry

by nicolasthefox

so this is a little off topic but i want to find some kind of atmosphere entry simulation software that can take a stl or obj file and simulate it entering the Earths atmosphere.

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What are good sites for downloading items to print?

by jsullivan

I have always liked thingiverse, but now our schools firewalls have labeled it as adult.content and thus is blocked from student use. Any suggestions on what non blocked sites there might be that are good?

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Facebook Group for 3D Printing in the classroom.

by lrigby

Hi all, we have started a group for sharing 3D printing curriculum ideas, lessons and News for teachers and educators. We have 250 members already and it has been less than a week. Please consider joining...we would love to have you


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