Projects in schools

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Present your projects and how they went!

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For my next big project I will have my students design window farms using IKEA pots. There will be plenty of design decisions to be made. Window farms are perfect for better air indoors and biology projects.

We are studying atoms and elements. I spent one class period having my students learn tinkercad. The next day I gave them a task to complete. They had to choose an element from period 2, and make a 3difference printable model of it which contained the correct number of protons neutrons and electrons. The results have been really neat. They got very creative. If you try this, make sure you assign specific dimension requirements so the prints don't take too long.

Any pictures of these? Sounds super fun for my chem class this year, but I'm having trouble envisioning the designs...

One of my students is making her own soccer leg protectors. She has scanned her lower leg, manipulated the scan in Blender och printed the result. This is the result so far.

We challenged 1st grade students to plan bridges to a set of criteria (so many cubes high, by so many cubes long, etc.) and then gave them the opportunity to use Blockify on the ipad to generate printable bridges. They learned about support and over hangs and made some pretty cool stuff.

Another class of 3rd graders was given some resource parameters, some instruction about overhangs and then given a chance to build castles in blockify. They had to design their castle first, explain how it was defensible and what defensible features they were going to add. Then they had to build a castle using a maximum number of blocks.

We didn't do much with the maximum number of blocks, but you could potentially tie this to a math lesson about budgeting and resources. Maybe something like Settlers of Catan trading where you have to figure out what resources you need to keep your peasants alive while also building your fortifications...

I gave my students an assignment to design a drawing compass and build it. They all went for the 3D-printer. The results can be seen in the picture below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8u71sinlkgjz7z/20150123_092035.jpg?dl=0