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A short presentation of who the members of this group are.

I am a 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Science teacher in Port st Lucie, FL. I am looking for ideas to integrate 3d printing into my classroom. I am printing on an Anet A8.

Hi, I´m a technican in an undergraduade physics lab at a university in Germany. I recendly got a Replicator+, witch I´m going to use it for projects with studends from first to third semester. It will also be used for doing mechanical components for evolving the eperiments in my lab.
I also got a Snapmaker for a lab we indroduced 2 years ago, focusing on projects for secondary education level studends.

Hi. I am science teacher (bioloby-geology and physics-chemistry) at secundary education (from 12 to 18) in Madrid, Spain. I have a anet A8 and i am really interested in using it as a resource to improve my clases

Hello, all! We're a company that 3D prints rockets for STEM education. Check out our parts and website! We'd love to chat about getting rockets into your classroom and/or any 3D printing issues you have.

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I am a CTE teacher in Texas. We have two DaVinci printers for the first time this year. I'm looking to share ideas on projects.

Hello, all. I am a Computer Science teacher in rural North Florida. I just got a MakerBot Replicator. It's the first one in a classroom in our district. The other one is just 2 weeks older than mine. I am looking for projects to encourage my students to think beyond the ordinary with their projects.

I do a lot of camps and afterschool programs with kids. Was a classroom teacher. Santa Maria, California based.

I am a new high school CTE computer teacher (former equipment engineer) in California (North Monterey County High). I just received a Makerbot 3d desktop printer using Perkins funds. I want to use it to build up my computer lab classes. Looking for ways to attract students to try out computer science, multimedia art and other computer classes at my school. Especially want to try and attract more girls, as my classes are 90+% boys.

I work for Eckerd College (a small liberal arts college is FL) in the Science Department. I am an Engineer and former HS Physics teacher, and mainly support the Physcis department building things for demos and labs. Also co-teach a STEM lab class teaching CAD and 3D printing. www.eckerd.edu/3d-physics

Hi, I'm a dutch teacher in a school for children aged 12-18 with some problems with learning (IQ's between 50 and 75).
Kind of difficult o try and explain what I exactly teach, but part of it is ICT-skills, mixed with math, science and gardening. And I've recently decided to let them experiment with a 3d-printer. So far it's been a succes!

Hi there! I teach an eight-week course called Computer Integration at a middle school in CT. We have two Makerbot printers and I'm always looking for quick and fun 3d printing projects to do with my students.

hi, I'm the technology technician in a large secondary school in the uk, we have bought 2 xyz davinci printers to lear the fundamentals of 3d printing and how it will fit with the school needs before investing heavily.

I am a Library Media Specialist I have 3 MakerBot 3D Printers. I work primarily with students in Exceptional Education and their teachers.

Hello! I am a museum educator in a children's museum in Knoxville, Tennessee. This week, I am teaching an Intro to 3D Printing camp to kids age 9-13. We have a MakerBot Replicator 2 that we use for camps and for nearly constant demonstrations of how 3D Printing works.

Hi! I am a high school engineering and industrial tech instructor. A grant award allowed me to purchase a couple of Afinia H480 machines a couple of weeks ago. Looking for ways to integrate 3D printing into our classes, clubs and the general school population.

I'm an educator in Phnom Penh Cambodia. I'm trying to nurture a community of makers/hackers here. I'm into electronics mainly but recently acquired a 3d printer, which is fantastic for customising projects.

I'm a high school science teacher. I have a BI V2.5 and Printrbot simple kit that a student assembled. I have had students do a number of projects with 3D printing and made a few models for the classroom.
I'm also working on connecting special education teachers with designers to create 3D printed learning aids and equipment

My name is Johan Olsson and I am a swedish teacher of science and design. I bought a Makerbot Replicator 2 for educational purposes and it is now integrated in my education. We make gears, Rubics cubes, rockets RC cars and much more. I have little formal education in CAD, but a very deep interest in the development of 3D-printers and their applications. My students share this interest and we learn together.