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Attempting to make a ball jointed model

by SoreBluff

So I have a model that I'm working on and have 3d printable, I want to now give it joints, is there any online guides to do this?

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Possible Upkits for Quin: The 3D Printable Fashion Doll

by 3DKitbash

Hi Everyone, To get this group started I thought it might be nice to hear if there are any upkit themes that may be of interest for Quin? Quin's the doll found on 3DKitbash.com. I'm interested in releasing some additional upkit items here on Thingiverse, but want to be sure I'm going in the right direction.

Do you have any strong opinions for what would be interesting?

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quinn doll on thingiverse!

by pokemongirl2003

Hey, could you post a quinn doll download on thingiverse??? i really want her!

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Boneheads Series 2 (On Kickstarter) Has 60 Hours Left!

by 3DKitbash

Hi everyone, Quincy here with a quick heads up: ONLY 60 HOURS LEFT to get in on our Boneheads Series 2! If you enjoyed our first round of 3D-Printable Skulls (Boneheads Series 1), then we hope you might check out our current kickstarter campaign.


The campaign has been doing well and already features a number of already reached Stretch Rewards! That's additional items that all backers will receive beyond their initial backer rewards.

If we hit the 10k mark everyone will be getting a 3D-Printable Killer Whale skull! - I hope this happens.

As always, please please share the campaign with your community and help us finish this funding phase out with a bang! We're really looking forward to creating a whole new round of skulls and sending them out to everyone.

Thanks again for all the help. You all rock and we really appreciate you spending time with our projects. ~Quincy

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Boneheads Series 2 is LIVE on Kickstarter

by 3DKitbash

Hi everyone, I suspect that most have already heard that Boneheads Series 2 is on Kickstarter right now... But for those who haven't: If you're interested in 3D Printing a huge collection of skulls, there's another fun project on Kickstarter via 3DKitbash.com. It's already fully funded, but offering a lot of bonus items beyond the regular backer rewards if you were to get in on this campaign. As always, thanks for any support. Quincy

See it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dkitbash/3d-printer-skull-kits-boneheads-series-2-via-3dkit

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