Connector/Adapter to Nikon thread

by Makla

Hey there,
I'm trying to realise my own ring light for my Nikon D5100 and wanted to create a thread as attachment possibility in front of the lens. I only found .stl-files I couldn't edit or use because of different thread-types. It would be nice, if you can give me a hint where to get a accordingly file.

I got some different ideas. Maybe you can share your opinions on these. First the already stated one. But I'm not sure if the amount of light produced by the ring at the lens is creating flares or making the pictures "ugly".
The second Idea was to glue or push the light ring onto the lens itself. But I'm not sure if I would damage the lens itself.
My actual idea is to have a bridge from the electrical box to the ring.

Thanks for your Help.


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Human Eye Shaped Camera??

by AdmiralPumpkinPie24

how a photo would look like if i take a picture in a pinhole camera with an espherical shape, just like an human eye?? please give me images or something

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iPhone 3D Film mount

by TokenNerd

Hi all,
I recently found an app that will allow me to film in 3D with two iPhones, but I need a mount that separates the lenses by 60mm to film.
I'm no good at 3D modeling and wondering if anyone can help me out.

This is the app:

I've attached some designs someone posted of a rig they have made, but it looks super complicated.
I'd love the ability to just click in or slide in the iPhones, maybe with some handles, microphone/lighting mount attachments

If anyone can help that would be AWESOME!
After something similar for two GoPros

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Victorian Gutta Percha / Thermoplastic Tintype case

by fire41fighter

I Have an Anet A6 and am new to this. I also do civil war period living history and am looking for a 3d printed repro of a "union case" for tintypes. Originals are made of gutta percha or "thermoplastic". Examples can be found on ebay, etc. Does anyone have anything similar...or any ideas? Thanx!

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New Full size Pro 2 Model 4th Axis Stabilizer Launched!

by ScottyMakesStuff

My original Pro 1 Model was popular and for good reason... but I knew I could do better so I reworked every part of the original and added 18 bearings, tweaked the geometry and added a high tech synthetic damping gel. The net result is that the New Pro 2 Model produces 30% smoother footage than the original! I've got 4 videos as well - Features, Show-reel, Assembly and more.

4th Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Pro 2 Model
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New Compact Pro 4th Axis Stabilizer launched

by ScottyMakesStuff

After some months of further development I'm super happy with my latest stabilizer... it produces at least 30% smoother footage than the original!
I've got 4 Videos already added to the Thing file with more to come :)
The dreaded 'gimbal bob' will be a thing of the past with the silky smooth footage you'll get with the new Compact Pro Model 4th Axis Camera Stabilizer in single and dual handle!

Compact Pro 4th Axis Stabilizer
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4th Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Pro Model

by ScottyMakesStuff

Hey fellow camera geeks! I've got something here I'm really proud of! There's a great showcase video too :)
My original gimbal stabilizer does a great job but I wanted to make it take even better silky smooth shots as well as being more Pro friendly. Both myself and others wanted more features to adapt better to the variable camera rigs and shots that we have to contend with on shoots.

4th Axis Gimbal Stabilizer - Pro Model - READ UPDATE!
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Anti-Vibration Isolator Mold - Customizable

by ScottyMakesStuff

I made these primarily to stop handling noise from my camera rig coming through to the audio recorder. There's plenty of other uses too like printer dampener feet or speaker feet, drones, you name it!

Anti-Vibration Isolator Mold - Light duty - Customizable
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Video Lighting Bracket - 3 way articulation

by ScottyMakesStuff

Check out my Jedi Master sword skills with the light sword ;-)
I made this LED video light some time ago and thought the articulated 3 way rosette joint could be of use for other camera lighting or maybe to be remixed into something for a completely different purpose.
I made a video here

Video Lighting Bracket - 3 way articulation
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