Connector/Adapter to Nikon thread

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Hey there,
I'm trying to realise my own ring light for my Nikon D5100 and wanted to create a thread as attachment possibility in front of the lens. I only found .stl-files I couldn't edit or use because of different thread-types. It would be nice, if you can give me a hint where to get a accordingly file.

I got some different ideas. Maybe you can share your opinions on these. First the already stated one. But I'm not sure if the amount of light produced by the ring at the lens is creating flares or making the pictures "ugly".
The second Idea was to glue or push the light ring onto the lens itself. But I'm not sure if I would damage the lens itself.
My actual idea is to have a bridge from the electrical box to the ring.

Thanks for your Help.


Have you considered using a Cokin adapter ring as the base, then print your adapter to slide on/off or to attach to a filter holder?

ScotyMakesStuff's flexible holder is great.

The threads are really tight -0.75mm- on the front of most lenses/filters. I'm not sure how well a standard FDM 3d printer can even print such threads. You could model a hard cone that just barely fits and your twisting the device onto the len (or filter) self threads it. I have a leica to e-mount adapter without any threads - the lens screws straight into it... I'd worry about what kind of weight such a design could hold.

You could also buy a cheap step-up filter adapter to get the nice metal threads on the cheap and then plan your design around the step-up adapter. Friction fit or glue your design to the step-up ring.

You could get out your calipers and take some measurements and reverse engineer whatever lens hood your lens takes.

Leica L39 to Sony E-Mount adapter

Hi Makla, I guess you've probably already seen my macro ring light that uses a flexible filament to attach to a wide range of lenses? If you haven't seen it then take a look here;

Macro Photography LED Ring Light with dimmer

Hey Scotty,
your ring gave me the intention to do one myself. :)
I like yours very much. I'm just not a big fan of the flexible ring, so I thought about different methods.

Also as response to the other comments. I didn't mean to glue the ring itself on the lens but more on a kind of adapter ring. ^^

I decided that I want to build the bridge I wrote about. It's the easiest way and pretty flexible to adjust to different cameras.
If I finished my project I'm going to post it :)


Hey Makla, no worries at all, just glad that I was of some help on your design journey :)
Will look forward to your posting :)

A led ring doesn't need to be glued or fixed to the lens. In my macro adapter, it's just leaning to the lens.

Macro rig "Mark II"

Definitely don't glue it... unless it's a lens you don't particularly like.

Your bridge idea is pretty much right on the money since you could use other lenses with it, as well as possibly adjusting it to be further up or down the length of the lens barrel.

My personal preference for something like this would be set screws. A dab of hot glue on the end of each screw could give grip while preventing scratches on the lens body.

Thanks for your reply.

I like your idea with the hot glue on the screws, but I'm a very lazy person. So I don't want to lock every single screw I need to find a similiar way. But I will definitly pursue this approach. :)